• 30MHz  provides agribusinesses with everything they need to set up a wireless a smart agriculture sensors network, and start monitoring their produce and environment in moments, without technical expertise.
  • Customers choose the combination of preconfigured, plug and play sensors for their context (capturing metrics including VPD, dew point, soil moisture, light intensity, temperature, humidity, wind speed, airflow and CO2). 30MHz also provides a private, scalable mesh network (with the option to easily add more sensors at any time) and an intuitive analytics platform with real-time alerts, visualisations, heatmaps, charts and graphs.
  • Quick to deploy, and designed to withstand extreme conditions, 30MHz wireless sensors are perfectly suited for continuously gathering accurate, real-time data, with excellent uptime in any environment, including cold storage. These real-time, crop-level insights enable quick response and improved labour productivity while preventing unnecessary losses.
  • Pollybell Organic, one of the UK’s largest organic farms, uses temperature and humidity sensors inside the cold store to monitor the fluctuation of the cold store temperatures. The automatic, 24/7 recording of the temperatures saves around 2 hours of labour a day. On top of this, seamless integration via API with the Consus Fresh software enables batches of produce to be given a temperature history with periods of “temperature abuse” alerted for shelf life analysis and supply chain optimisation.

30MHz integration shows temperature and humidity throughout the life of the pallet and highlights periods of “temperature abuse”