Reduce your Overhead Costs
Ever thought how long it takes to write out the paperwork to receive products, perform lengthy quality checks, facility checks, label checks and positive release checks etc?  The paper chase costs time and money and is prone to error. Using Consus you can eliminate all your hand written paper checks. Save time and reduce error.

Instant Production Costings Information
Instantly identify your product costs allowing you to make real time changes early on in the production cycle. Do you have too many team members on your production line? Instantly identify your labour and all other operating costs per tray or pack in real time. Know your costs to improve your margins!

Increase your profitability with Consus
Consus is much more than traceability and compliance, its about driving your costs down and to deliver better margins. The Consus software gives you the tools and insights to eradicate waste and unnecessary cost, leaving you in complete control. The removal of labour intensive manual tasks means your team have more time to focus on real time issues. There are also the intangible savings of safeguarding your reputation with your customers through enhanced quality control systems.

Early identification of product packing issues
Linking product specifications to quality assurance records and product packing, allows corrective actions to be taken at an earlier stage of the packing process so costly mistakes are prevented.  Rejections and repacking costs are reduced dramatically.

Reduce Food Waste
Disposing of temperature damaged products down the waste line is just the same as throwing your profits down the drain. What does a pallet of your produce cost you?
In partnership with 30MHz, using their sensing equipment we can alert you in real time to temperature and humidity events before they become major costly problems, giving you time to act before your valuable product loses its value.

Lower inventory carrying costs
Live stock information is more readily available to allow your team to make more accurate decisions to improve business operations. Avoid product deterioration and costly waste. You can leave nuts and bolts in a store ad infinitum – not fresh produce. Save the time and manpower costs of performing physical stock counts.

Data is more accessible.
Cut down on the time you spend looking for data. When you have a retailer compliance auditor onsite, impress them that you are able to retrieve the information that they require in seconds rather than endless paper chases that can take hours to perform. This frees up your team saving you money and impresses the auditor.