Government recognition for fruit and veg growers’ innovative packhouse system

By 13th December 2018Uncategorised

We’re delighted that Consus Fresh has been put on the map by the Government as one of the “innovative, cutting-edge small businesses … working day in, day out to drive innovation and growth across the UK” for its new innovative packhouse system.

A new interactive map showing companies pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) has been launched to mark the first year roll-out of the Government’s Industrial Strategy – and Consus Fresh is one of the 142 companies that has been included. You’ll find Consus Fresh on the map by hovering over Bourne in Lincolnshire.

Traceability through the food value chain from field to consumption is increasingly important and the audit and quality management tools Consus is developing are using the latest technology to make this process as easy as possible for smaller producers.

New developments have included ways to simplify the management of packhouse staff and include the use of visual recognition to replace identity access cards. The system is built on the latest Microsoft Azure platform, which supports AI applications, delivering farmers the reassurance that our system will develop and grow in line with the business.

Derek Thompson, co-founder of Consus Fresh Solutions, commented: “As a former packhouse manager, I know how essential a simple, efficient packhouse system is to keep business responsive to customer needs.

“We’re having some exciting conversations with a number of research organisations and with Microsoft about further development of the platform to best meet producers’ needs. This recognition by BEIS is validation of how well received the system has been so far and we look forward to more productive partnerships in 2019.”